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INSANE: Pro-Trump 13yr Old STABBED–School’s Response Will HORRIFY You

The left has tried to smear Trump supporters as the violent, intolerant, ‘deplorables’. The reality is quite the opposite. Case-in-point, this young teen who was STABBED for liking Trump. Next time you hear a leftist say Trump supporters are the worst, pull up this story and let them know the reality.

Allegedly, a 13-year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed with a pen by another student at Centennial Middle School in Yuma, AZ last week.

The class had a discussion about the election and the students voiced their preference for President. The boy, (whose name is being withheld because he is a minor,) stated that his support was for Donald Trump. Following this classroom discussion, the boy has been subjected to name-calling by fellow students: ‘white trash’, ‘racist’, and ‘gringo’, despite having a number of Hispanic friends.

The bullying came to a head last week when one 8th Grade student stabbed the 13-year-old with a pen 10 times, 4 of which drew blood. The boy did not report being stabbed, but the incident was made known to school officials when a teacher noticed blood on the boy’s shoulder in class.

Helen Coffeen, Principal at Centennial Middle School, met with the mother of the student that was attacked. Coffeen assured her that the school would handle it with the most strict consequences, but insisted that it was a ‘minor incident’. The attacker was given a one-day suspension. Dissatisfied with the school’s reaction to the assault on her son, the mother has contacted Yuma Police to resolve the issue.

CORRECTION: Principal Coffeen did not meet with the mother of the student, Vice Principal Neil Johnson spoke with her over the phone. (See Update from mother at the end of this article.) Also, the general timeline of ‘last week’ was an editorial error, our apologies.

To contact Centennial Middle School about this incident:

See the Centennial Middle School Website

Centennial Middle School Facebook page

Centennial Middle School
2650 West 20th Street, Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 373-3300 Phone
Helen Coffeen, Principal

Me Here........It seems the so called peaceful left is not as peaceful as they want us to believe!  They have corrupted our youth into believing that their cause is so just that violence is acceptable.  That is a huge problem for this nation.

The left has a huge problem to deal with.  If they don't, it will destroy themselves and possibly the nation.  We will see if there are any cooler heads left in the Democrat Party leadership.  Or have they driven the cooler heads out of the party.

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Comment by Karen Damvelt on November 18, 2016 at 9:41pm

Cover up as usual so noone else gets in any hot water and loses their job position.

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