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REPORT: Rabid Hillary Supporters Harass and Attack Electoral College Voters

Electors usually vote with their states popular vote. In most states, this is the law. In some, not so much. And in these few states, some key states, electors are being harassed. Clinton supporters want them to vote for her, even though Trump won the state. Good job Hillary supporters, you just sealed Trump’s presidency. We thank you for your help.

Electoral College voters across the country are being harassed by Hillary Clinton supporters, in a last-ditch effort to prevent the Trump presidency.

In the U.S., presidents are elected by the Electoral College – not by popular vote. In most states, electors must cast a vote for the winner of their state’s popular vote. But some states – like Arizona, Idaho, Michigan and Georgia – don’t have a rule against electors going rogue and voting for another candidate.

So Clinton supporters have been harassing electors in the 21 states with no rules against these so-called ‘faithless electors’ – urging them not to vote for Trump when they officially cast their ballots on December 19

In Arizona, electors have been hit with a barrage of emails and phone calls from unhappy citizens – most of them from out of state.

‘It is total harassment,’ Robert Graham, an elector and chairman of the state Republican Party, told the Arizona Republic. ‘It started about a week ago. Now? ‘Bam!’ It’s hardcore.’

Bruce Ash, another Arizona elector, said he had received hundreds of calls, many of which he described as ‘hateful’.

‘They demonize me, they call me a homophobic, an isolationist, a bigot, a misogynist, and an anti-Semite, which is interesting because I’m Jewish,’ he said.

Arizona elector Saron Geise estimates that she has received as many as 8,000 calls and says she has stopped picking up altogether.

It’s a similar story just north in Idaho, which has four electoral college voters.

Idaho Secretary of State Lawrence Deeney told the Idaho Statesman that the phone calls to electors ‘are crossing into what could reasonably be considered harassment’.

Me Here.....I am seeing more and more stories like this.  It is enough to make one sick!

We can safely bet that Hillary and the corrupt Democrat Party will not lift a pinky to end this.  So we can conclude this most unethical attack on the Electoral is part of their sick plan to steal the Presidency.  They are showing the Nation they have no respect for out Constitutional process.

In short, despite all of their attempts to steal the election, THEY LOST!

It is time for these idiots to take the advice they gave us when Barry stole the election....SHUT UP AND GET OVER IT!

We have to insure these idiots fail!

I do hope the state's take strong action to find out the people behind this, charge them, try them, and jail them.  

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